ICSOC 2007


ICSOC 2007 solicits the submission of workshop proposals on any of the conference topics, which include, but are not limited to, the following: Business Service Modeling, Service Assembly, Service Management, SOA Runtime, Quality of Service, Grid Services.

We particularly encourage workshops on key research challenges that are:

  • Multidisciplinary: involve synergy between different scientific communities and research disciplines,
  • Domain specific: focus on complete service oriented solutions for specific application domains, e.g. healthcare, telecommunications, government and public sector, military, etc.,
  • Operationally extreme: focus on solutions intended/designed for specific operational environments/requirements, e.g., providing 24x7 services, supporting communities of mobile/partially connected services, etc.,
  • Collaborative: promote collaboration between academic institutions, industry, and communities of users.
  • Reporting real-world experience: focus on experience with service-oriented architectures deployed in production settings.

Workshop proposals should not exceed three pages, and should include a description of the workshop topic and the issues on which the workshop will focus, the motivation of why the workshop is of interest at this time, a description of the workshop format (including the number of anticipated accepted papers), the workshop duration, and brief bios of the organizers. A one-page abstract of the workshop must also be included, to be incorporated into the conference proceedings. Proposals should be submitted electronically to one of the Workshop Co-Chairs.

  • Dates and Deadlines:
    Workshop proposal submission: May 11, 2007
    Notification of acceptance: May 18, 2007

    NOTE: The Workshop Co-Chairs encourage interested workshop organizers to submit proposals earlier than May 11th. These proposals will go through an expedited decision process and a decision will be announced within two weeks from submission.

  • Worshop Chairs:
    Elisabetta Di Nitto, dinitto@elet.polimi.it
    Matei Ripeanu, matei@ece.ubc.ca


ICSOC 2007 solicits proposals for panels. We encourage suggestions for panels that would address key areas in service-oriented computing, and that would benefit from discussion encompassing different points of views and disciplines. The panel on the Role of Open Source in SOA is a successful example from ICSOC 2006. Proposals targeting areas of general interest are preferred, and the format of the proposals is informal. An email to the Panel Chairs with a panel proposal and supporting discussion will suffice and be welcomed

  • Panel Chairs:
    Klaus Pohl, Klaus.Pohl@sse.uni-due.de
    Robert Johnson, robertdj@us.ibm.com


The ICSOC conference solicits proposals for tutorials related to any of the conference topics. Tutorial proposals should not exceed 5 pages, and should describe the topic(s) being covered, the level of depth, and a description of the teaching methodology (lectures, hands-on sessions, etc.). Since the accepted tutorials will be part of the main conference, topics of interest to a wider audience ( e.g., SOC related methodologies and techniques, standards and standardization, comprehensive application of SOA to an important problem area) are preferred. Proposals should also indicate the requisite background of the target audience, the tutorial length (typically, 1 hour 45 minutes), as well as the name, contact information, and short bios of the tutorial presenters. A 1-page abstract of the tutorial will be included in the ICSOC 2007 proceedings. Proposals should be submitted via email to the Tutorial Chair. Tutorial notes will be made available to the tutorial participants on site.

  • Tutorial Chair:
    Marco Aiello, aiellom@ieee.org


ICSOC 2007 solicits proposals for demos of innovative service-oriented applications. Demos can include academic research prototypes, as well as cutting-edge industry applications. Demos will be presented in an open environment with "booths" in front of the conference lecture-halls. Please email a half-page description (creator, functionality, innovative aspects of the software) of the proposed demo by the deadline (May 20, 2007).

  • Demo Chairs:
    Martin Bichler, TU Munich, Germany, bichler@in.tum.de
    Ming Shan, SAP, ming-chien.shan@sap.com
Last updated: 20 March 2007, Priya Narasimhan